SEO Services by F-Tech Solutions

We offer advanced SEO services which are based on the latest trends and updates by Search Engines. Our efficient work strategy enables us to approach viable success in the minimum time. The optimum skills of our experts help you to generate more revenues and augment  your business’s online visibility.

Our experts increase your product’s link building which enhances the brand awareness and conveys your brand message in an impressive way. The increased popularity drives more traffic to your website and gives potential customers. More traffic promises more potential customers and higher sales of your product.


Pros of In-House-SEO

  • They fully understand the need for your business, long-term and short-term goal, value and priority of clients, and devised terms and conditions of the organization.
  • No communication gap between the employer and the employees. Easy to convey  your message and better understanding of the problems and capabilities of each other.
  • More learning opportunities in discussion sessions and meetings.
  • Unlike SEO agencies, tenured SEO experts don’t face any discrimination from any party or group.

Cons of In-House-SEO


  • It’s not easy to conduct interviews to hire new employees. You are required to consume your resources and efforts to hire a suitable candidate.
  • Unlike SEO agencies, the knowledge of in house SEO experts is low and the outcomes of the page ranking significantly effects when one doesn’t follow the latest updates by the search engines.
  • In order to enhance the knowledge and skills of your employees, you’re required to conduct various courses and seminars which is a load on your budget.



Why SEO Services?

Search Engine Optimization has importance like a backbone in online marketing. Spam free techniques are capable of changing the ranking of your website in an amazingly short time period. Research results confirm that 50% Google users only visit the first page of the search results and not even bother to go on the second one. Online shopping has become a trend of this age and people prefer to search, decide, and order online. The GUV Study shows that 75% of the internet users try to find out the brand and services via internet. About 92% of the internet users regularly comes in the search engine which is an opportunity call to enrich traffic and generate more revenue.

What an SEO Company does?

An SEO Company visualizes big and aims to give you splendid results as they always focus on advanced techniques and latest trends. Though, their rates are higher a little bit, but it seems nothing when you compare it with the perfect outcomes. F-Tech Solutions estimates the budget according to the efforts they put on the website. Competitors, on-page SEO, off-page SEO and, expected time of output are some main points which determine the total budget. Keep in mind ‘The Success is Guaranteed’

No spam or low-quality links are added and our experts ensure that the used techniques meet the standards of the search engines. We believe in long-term and cordial relationship. The changes are done when the trend changes, so the client’s websites don’t lose their higher ranking.


Satisfaction Guarantee!

Inhouse vs. Freelancer vs. SEO Agency

Freelancer means sole mind, sole efforts, and less experience. Assigning a big task to a freelancer is quite risky as he may consume more time and give slow results. However, for the SEO of small website, hiring a freelancer is a good choice. On the contrast, you may don’t meet with the timing issue and complete the tasks within the due date, but the insufficient knowledge can prevent you get the maximum output at  the required time. Hiring an SEO agency seems the best possible solution to this issue as their professional attitude ensures you to give the best results and higher ranking in the minimum time. Experience SEO agencies like F-Tech Solutions consider the needs of both small and big website and analyze their business strategy before starting the SEO. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about the advanced knowledge and skills as they comprehend the search engine requirement and know well how to come up higher on the search results by using ethical ways.


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