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Ftech solutions is recognized as a global entity in asset searches for multinationals, government’s agencies, and single units or any particular judgement recovery business.  We have developed specialized investigative techniques, plans and have prior experience in asset recovery, search, and bank account locating services.

Fast paced search modalities:

F-tech solutions, amongst various asset finders, is very prestigious one with ensured outcomes. We adopted robust methods in order to give fast paced services of asset search to our customers. F-Tech solutions has remarkably conducted some most complex international asset searches in an organized way. we produced outcomes, including checking billions of dollars in elite asset search examinations. Checking the system on behalf of those firms seeking to implement legislations in a legal manner inculcating financial loss or monitoring the recovery of funds misused by corrupt teammates, f-tech solution leads  to theft cases and missing entities, priory unknown or hidden assets.

Widespread approaches:

Our scalable experience indulged in multi-jurisdictional cases. It also involves international income investments, fake jurisdictions, complex investment infrastructures and nominee and various asset recovery cases. Recognized as a world leader in asset searches for corporations, governments, and individuals, we developed unparalleled investigative skills, strategies and experience in asset searches and recovery.

Centralized Network:

AT F-tech solutions we have a setup of a globalized network of business. It helps to facilitate the trading of assets and other services related to it. Transfer of capital centrally in the USA instantaneously, and the expansion of offshore finance means that it can be very easy to make complex corporate structures keep it hidden from the true owner of assets. F-tech solutions asset search investigative services with major expertise can help to manage assets in a sleek manner.

Our expert teams have certain backgrounds in various investigation streams like:

    • Law enforcement agencies
    • Forensic accounting frauds
    • Internal investigations dilemmas
    • Finding bank accounts


Our widespread investigation network has proven to be successful and identified assets for various entities.

Skilled Group

Firms and lots of connects hooks up with the f-tech solution because of our skill of finding responses to these queries. Adapting our analytic skills, and investigation modalities our team of experts can rapidly mold an investigative method and a plan proactively defined to recognize sources of relativity and shareholders for guilt’s. Our expert team can dig in swiftly and grow fastly to search assets, recover various entity based loses and avoid the risk. Our count among our clients in the world’s leading markets, their prestigious personals, law agencies, financial services, investment groups and individuals, educational central communities, non-profit groups and government agencies.

Experienced Communal Searches:

F-tech eloquently organizes corporate level searches and findings for customers who have self-reported or are dealing collectively with government agencies, with the assurance and support of those units. Amongst several asset search companies we work with our senior management and legal counsel in any firm during all stages of finding assets. Our outcomes and publications have showed our consumers to undermine official inquiries, address issues of corporate critical deadlocks and share with stakeholders and other interested individuals.


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