Logo Design

A company logo leaves a long term lasting impression of the business and what you stand for,

Web Design

Web design is the core product of any good agency, it’s the part that makes it all happen

Problem Solvers

Problem solving strategies are common place in business and it is essential that the right tool is used for the specific problem in hand.

SEO Service

Our experts increase your product’s link building which enhances the brand awareness and conveys your brand message in an impressive way.


About Us

F- Tech solution is a well-known web service provider in market form a long time. We provide assistance to our customers in their respective business streams to market their goods or services they offer. Our web solution are productive and result oriented in terms of top ranking on search engines, customer bounding, and most probably increased sales. We have a happy stream of customer with very versatile experiences. From a domestic stuff to enlarged scale we have lots of customized solutions which offers you a very comfortable and economical plan which also suits your budget.


  • Brand Strategy 80%
  • Internet Marketing 88%
  • App Development 75%
  • Customer Happiness 90%

Our Story

F-tech Solutions, has been providing website design, SEO, and Content writing services to clients across the world since 2007.Our expertise and skills have enabled us to deliver W3C standards compliant, cutting-edge, bespoke web design solutions to hundreds of satisfied customers.F-tech Solutions can help you get your first website online as well as helping re-design websites to increase online traffic, maximise conversion rates and develop an online presence that delivers a high ROI.

Mainstream services we offer are:

Asset locator, search services & Companies:

F-tech solutions delivers high quality solution and asset locator service. Which makes our trademarks one of the leading group in E-commerce industry. Banks on request use our asset search services. Among-st various asset search companies our solution are more robust and gives intuitive description of host business.

Centralized SEO Company:

At F-tech solutions we have reliable SEO group, our SEO Company operates among the zone centrally. Our trade mark’s effectively assistance and growth of host firm. We’ve a proclivity to believe statistics, esthetics and reliable communication, triangulation between consumer to the service provider and so the user at Seattle SEO.

Web Designing:

Our stationary designs are taken as movie tickets in black. We offer logo designs via our very creative designing group. Designing a company logo is exactly at our risk. Because company marketing strategy is highly dependent upon its graphical designs. Logo designing companies claim more and do less but we are not like that we offer until customer’s satisfaction.

Welcome to Ftech Solutions Where Quality speaks for itself. We’re proud of what we do and we’re excited about the success we have achieved.

As a CEO of Ftech Solutions, I believe in working closely with our clients to understand their business model, environment and objectives, for us to be able to provide a value-added solution, customized to their needs.Providing quality website solutions and services is our backbone. We have developed our unique Website development methodology which is a synthesis of best practices from different methodologies, picked to fulfill highest quality requirements. Our solutions are designed to empower our customers in gaining advantageous position in the market!

Talented Team of Website Designers – every word of this statement has an important meaning. We strive to find, motivate and reward most talented people in the market. We create and maintain highly professional environment, where top engineers join into teams to solve complex issues and provide simple solutions. Our biggest asset is our people.From our lowest level employee to the most senior consultant, we work as a team to offer deliverables that form the fundamentals of our existence, and the reason for our past and future success.

By working hard we have developed strong relationships with our customers on the basis of trust and a reliable performance. We are eager to continue providing highest quality services to our customers for many years to come!
F-tech Solutions

To maximize business possibilities for our customers by providing innovative and cost-effective technology-enabled solutions that increase focus on core business, unlock new opportunities, and create sustainable competitive advantages for the enterprise.

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Benefits of hiring us?

You can request services from F-tech solutions because of our quality assurance in every department. Our assistance, preplanning, post processing our clients demand matter us a lot. Our frameworks in web development domain is an ultimate desire of 90% customer in market. Our installed plugins, interactive web designs and responsive graphics speaks for themselves. We are a complete web service provider under one umbrella. Complaint registration through processing is on our own we provide a portal to our customer where they can register complaints, words of appreciation and can ask for further assistance. We follow our client and make proper strategies for them for lead generation. You can choose us for E-commerce services because our solutions are customized speaks for themselves because we are a reputable e-commerce web design company.

We’re not bores or drips who gabble unintelligible techno-buzz. In its place, we implement technology to bring business solutions that allow new capabilities, improve the competence of your business and service you communicate more efficiently. We comprehend that granting there are common melodies, each business is versatile and has its own special requirements.

There is no expense for an initial meet up during which we can analyze your requirements. We’ll give you a fixed price bid so that you don’t get any hidden surprises or clauses. Each associate of our technical group has at least several years IT know-how.